Meet the Team

Staff at TFI LunchYou know our name. You know our reputation. But you should know the people behind them too, and the skills and experience they can offer your business. We are proud for you to meet the team.

People are at the heart of everything we do. We build relationships, work hard to be the best and have fun along the way. that’s why our staff are a vital ingredient of our business. We believe in employing the best, treating them well and keeping them motivated. Working for TFI Lunch should be fun, stimulating and rewarding.

We’re also big fans of working in a relaxed and informal environment because we want people to feel comfortable in their surroundings, to deliver the best results they can.

Meet The Team at TFI Lunch

  • Leo Kitchen TFI lunch Owner
    Leo Kitchen

    I’m very proud of TFI and as the new owner I totally respect the years of hard work and expertise it has required to make TFI successful.

  • TFI Staff Member
    Clare Brown

    I’ve been at TFI Lunch for 1 year now and really enjoy talking to our friendly customers and feeding them delicious treats!

  • SJ Paradot
    SJ Paradot

    I love the atmosphere here and most of the customers are my friends. I’m proud of TFI Lunch and especially our delicious food!